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BeccoGiallo has been established in 2005. The name was taken from an italian satirical magazine foundend in the 20ies by Alberto Giannini. Our name and our work refer as a sort of tribute to that magazine, whose use of the comic idiom was first of all a way to tell, to criticize, to discuss.

From the beginning, we decide to publish non-fiction graphic novels. They tell about historical and social events, about men and policy, about memories. Our authors are among the most promising young italian drawers and affirm talents from the underground world of comics. For the civil engagement, the coherence and the courage, BeccoGiallo has won the prize as Best Publisher Of The Year at Lucca Comics & Games 2007.

BeccoGiallo is the real enfant prodige of italian comics publishers
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BeccoGiallo is genially specialized in beautiful non-fiction graphic novel
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